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Batteria Alta

The Petit Vallon High Battery is a military construction dated 1890 set on an enchanting plateau hanging over the southern slope of Mount Chaberton. These fortifications were used until World War II and part of them can still be visited.

So if you follow our guides on this adventure, don't forget a headlamp.

The route, can be reached by two different trails. The first one is right above the village of Claviere and is the steepest: here, poles are really essential! The second ascent option, on the other hand, starts on the old link road between Claviere and Cesana Torinese.

Chaberton Outdoor's guides will give you a unique experience according to your needs to allow you to reach this breathtaking place, where the most alert and lucky ones will be able to admire Golden Eagle exemplars that often soar above these mountains.

Punta Rascià

The suggested hike is a round tour for expert hikers already familiar with steep and winding exposed trails.

It offers, as a reward, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the entire upper Susa Valley: from the Chaberton to the Ecrins, from the Rognosa del Sestriere to Mount Rocciamelone.

Military fortifications were built on the ridge in the 1930s; these are in ruins but can be visited, used as support by the Alpine troops during World War II; are you ready to have Chaberton Outdoor guides telling you these stories?

The tour continues along the Sentiero degli Alpini, a beautiful alpine trail that among dry stone walls, centuries-old larches and priceless views of Chaberton will take us back to Claviere.

Monte Chaberton

Mount Chaberton does not require even an introduction; its notoriety goes before it.

We, at Chaberton Outdoor, are so fascinated by him that we have chosen him as the title of our " project.
Therefore, among the proposed hikes we could not omit this ascent that leads to 3131 m above sea level.

Starting from Claviere we walk along the Rio Secco valley and then take the path that leads to the col, from here a strenuous rocky path will take us to the summit.

A truly unique summit as it houses eight masonry towers that made up the Chaberton Battery, these fortifications gave the mountain its nickname " The Fortress of the Clouds."

Are you ready?

Our region offers an huge variety from a naturalistic point of view, easy to discover if you take the appropriate trails in the right moments. The awakening of the marmots in early summer, the roaring of the deer in autumn, the blueberries turning red, the green pastures of the high mountains, the shepherding activity in transhumance…

is that all?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s over! A lot more to be discovered