Passionate since day one

Born in 2023, from the willingness of seven young guys, who grew up in Claviere (TO), deeply attached to the region, fascinated by Mount Chaberton, The Giant of Clouds, guardian of ancient history. Devoted to the enhancement of local beauty trough a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

The main purposes for which Chaberton Outdoor Activities operates are the enhancement of the Valsusa area through the supply of a wide range of entertaining, leisure and sport activities. Focusing especially on outdoor sports as a tool for individual and collective improvement. We work to improve the sensibilization of the public towards sustainability of mountain environment. 

We actively work to promote the area on which we operate to a national and international audience, organizing several sport events, and taking care of this same area, working in order to map and digitalize trails belonging to our region.

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Alberto & chaberton's team


“Telling everyday an impressive story”


“be the landmark for your leisure”